Session hours are Monday - Thursday 12.00 am - 7.00 pm. If you wish to run schedules other than this please contact us for possible recording dates.

recent sessions:

Doc Horn & The Hornbabes (GER)
Howlin´ T & The Alley Cats (AUT)
King D & The Royals Of Rhythm (AUT)
Saudia Young (GER)
Johnny No And The No-Counts (GER)
Marcel Riesco (USA)
Mel And The Peak-a-Boos (IT)
Gone Hepsville / The Fireballs (CZ)
Lily Moe´s Rock And Roll - Show(GER)
Bun - Jon (GER)
Mike Bell (FIN)
Eddie And The Headstarts (F)
Christian And The 2120´s (SE)
The Sparks Boys (GRUS)
The Skinny Teens (GER)

Vince And The Sun Boppers (I)
Miss Lily Moe (GER)
The Gentle Keys (GER)
The Blue Ribbon Four (GER)
The Pin Sharps (GER)
King D´s New Attention (AUT)
Wayne Starday (GER)
Maryann and the TriTones (EST)
Boogie Trap (GER)
MissisSippi (AUT)
The Lone Star Boys (GER/CH)
AC & The Shakes (GER)
Mike Bell And The Belltones (FIN)
The Capone Brothers (I)
Sugar Daddy And The Cereal Killers (I)
Coral Lee (AUS)
Roddy Jackson (USA)
The Real Gone Tones (PL)
Harmonica Sam...The Country Side Of... (SE)
Billie And The Kids (HR)
The Coolgators (SE)
Ray Allen (GER)
The Round Up Boys (GER)
Curly Frog & The Blues Bringers (IT)
Lucky Marcell (SRB)
Marcel Riesco (USA)
The Lightning Ranch Boys (GER)

more to come...


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